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D/DS Model for MEC Progressive Stage


Shuttle Charge Bar for MEC Single Stage


Powder Baffle for all MEC models


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SHUTTLE BAR Model With Powder Baffle

The Universal Charge Bar model " Shuttle Bar " replaces all the standard charge bars (using for shots ONLY, not for Powder) used in MEC single-stage reloading machines (MEC600Jr., 700Versamec, Sizemaster 77, MEC600, 400, 250 and 250 Super, Mark 5, and Texan LT, GT, and FW). The Shuttle Bar must only be used together with MEC Powder Bushing and Powder Chart.

Shuttle Bar model with Powder Baffle package US$47.95



• Handles all gauges
• For field and target loads
• Lead shot capacity: ½ oz to 2-¼ oz.
• Steel shot capacity: 7/8 oz to 1-½ oz.
• Powder side must be used with the MEC Powder Bushings and Powder Chart.


Parts come with:

• Philister head screw (1/4-20)-1pc
• Brass washer-1pc
• Set Screws (6-32)-2pcs
• Plastic dowels-2pcs
• Allen wrench (1/16)-1pc
• Mushroom-shaped inserts-1pc Black & 1pc Brown for steel-shot + 1pc Zinc for lead-shot
• Manual with Powder & Shot chart with 487 settings
• 3-year guarantee... but it will last a lifetime

Powder Baffle used to install between Powder-bottle and MEC Standard Bar

Features & Assembly:

• Produces even powder density, and therefore consistent charges.
• Spring loaded for automatic powder seal.
• All metal precision die-cast zinc construction.
• Install between Powder-bottle and MEC Standard Bar.
• Remove Rubber-Grommet from powder-opening, just above the Bar and place our Brass Washer, with the sharp edge facing down, on top of Bar. Put back the Rubber-Grommet on top of Brass Washer.
• Screw Powder Baffle all the way in.
• Screw Powder bottle onto Powder Baffle.

Powder Baffle & its inside is constructed


If you already own a Universal Charge Bar™ , or any MEC reloading models you can purchase a Powder Baffle separately for only US$13.95


Available at major sports shops and gun dealers.

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