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D/DS Model for MEC Progressive Stage


Shuttle Charge Bar for MEC Single Stage


Powder Baffle for all MEC models


Part List


Replacement Parts and Cost



POWDER BAFFLE       US$13.95

Powder Baffle used to install between Powder-Bottle and Charge Bar


Features & Assembly

• Comes with a Brass Washer.
• Produces even powder density, and therefore consistent charges.
• Spring loaded for automatic powder seal.
• All metal precision die-cast zinc construction.
• Install between Powder-bottle and Charge Bar.
• Remove Rubber-Grommet from powder opening, just above the Bar and place our Brass Washer, with the sharp edge facing down, on top of Bar. Put back the Rubber-Grommet on top of Brass Washer.
• Screw Powder Baffle all the way in.
• Screw Powder bottle onto Powder Baffle.

Available at major sports shops and gun dealers.

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