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Shuttle Charge Bar Model

Powder Baffle

Powder Chart


Steel Shot Chart


Lead Shot Chart


Bismuth Shot Chart

Adjusting the Powder and Shot Valves


Checking Powder Charts

Reading the Powder and Shot Charts

Calculating additional Powder and Shot settings

Additional Essential Tools (not included)



Removing the Shot Valve inserts

General Cares



Picture and Line Drawing

Additional Notes



The zinc die-cast Shuttle Bar is a highly accurate measuring instrument and easy to adjust.
Please read ALL the instructions carefully before beginning.

Figure 1: Model "Shuttle Bar"


The Universal Charge Bar model " Shuttle Bar " replaces all the standard charge bars (for Shot only,
not for Powder) used in MEC single-stage reloading machines (MEC600Jr., 700Versamec, Size master 77, MEC600, 400, 250 and 250 Super, Mark 5, and Texan LT, GT, and FW). The Shuttle Bar must only be used together with MEC Powder Bushing and MEC Powder Chart.

• Handles all gauges
• For field and target loads
• Lead shot capacity: ½ oz to 2-¼ oz.
• Steel shot capacity: ½ oz to 1-½ oz.

Parts come with:
• Philister head screw (1/4-20)-1pc
• Brass washer-1pc
• Set Screws (6-32)-2pcs
• Plastic dowels-2pcs
• Allen wrench (1/16)-1pc
• Mushroom-shaped inserts (3pcs): Black & Brown Insert for Steel-Shot + Zinc insert for Lead-Shot.
• Manual with Shot chart only
• 3-year guarantee... but it will last a lifetime

It is strongly advised to check all charges (powder & shot) with a reliable scale. The adjustable shot
cavity has the added advantage that one can easily adjust the given setting to compensate for the
different shot sizes and shot qualities on the market, in order to get the exact payloads wanted.

Please note: When using any shot size larger than #4, sizable variations in charge weight are likely
to occur. With a large diameter shot pellet such as #2 size, heavy tool vibration becomes necessary in
order for the shot cavity to fill completely and uniformly, particularly with charges weighting in excess
of 1 oz.
Starting with the warranty # 250,000 every Universal Charge Bar comes with a SHOT-VALVE that has a recess (like mushroom-shaped) near that end, which forms part of the shot-cavity. This recess will
accept a choice of three mushroom-shaped inserts:

-Zinc insert uses for Lead-shot

-Black plastic inserts uses for bigger Steel-shot like #2, #3…and Brown insert uses for smaller Steel-shot
like #8, #9….

The plastic inserts can also be used for reloading lead-shot but this will wear them out sooner.


Step1- Select a Mushroom-Shaped Insert first and insert it in the recess with hand pressure. The flat
surface of the Insert should be visible when installed. Place the Bar upside down on flat and hard surface, (preferably steel) and take a punch-tool and tap it repeatedly with the hammer until the top of the Insert
is flush with the top surface of the Shot valve. If the Zinc-Insert still sticks out in a way that interferes
with the movement of the Bar, remove excess material with a file.

Step2- Insert Plastic-Dowel-Pin and Setscrew into end hole of left Bar Body.

Step3- Slide the Shuttle Bar into your shot-shell reloading machine; making sure that the hole for the
Philister-Head Screw is facing forward. When the Bar is in place, turn the Philister-Head Screw all the
way in and push the Bar all the way to the left. (Use our Philister head screw that comes with the
Shuttle Bar. The smaller head diameter of our Philister head screw allows the Bar to travel further and
therefore to drop the charges more efficiently).


- To remove a Zinc-Insert: Insert a punch tool in punch-out hole and punch out Insert with the hammer
(a nail will also work but is not recommended)
- To remove a Plastic-Insert: Apply finger pressure
The metal inserts are recommended for lead shot;
the plastic inserts are recommended for steel shot

Scales on Adjustment Knobs
The circumference of the adjustment knobs is divided into 40 numbered increments. Starting with
0,1,2,3 etc. up to 39 and back to 0
again because it will be the number of the next increment.

Figure 2. Scales on Bar Body and
Adjustment Knobs


Scales on Bar Body.
These scales are marked in increments of 20 lines, numbered from 0 to 20 as shown in Figure 2.

Reading Shot Chart:
Find the desired shot size and weight on the chart and take a reading. Every reading consists of two
numbers. For example: For 1 5/8 oz. Of #5 shot the reading is 15 + 15
The first number, 15, stands for the scale setting on the bar body. The second number, 15, refers to the numbers on the scale of the

Adjusting Shot Valves

To make a setting, first loosen the Setscrew near the adjustment knob.
For example, a reading of 15 + 15, first turn the adjustment knob CLOCKWISE until the Reference line on the powder valve is somewhere between line 14 and line 15 on the scale of the bar body; then keep turning the adjustment knob SLOWLY until this Reference line on the valve is in line with line 15 on the scale of the bar body.

STEP 2a:
At this point, the O-line (# zero) on the adjustment knob is in line with the Reference point at the end
of the bar body. Keep turning the adjustment knob CLOCKWISE for the additional number of increments
until the Reference point indicates the number 15 on the scale of the adjustment knob.
Note: Accuracy is possible only if the Settings are arrived at by turning the adjustment knobs
CLOCKWISE. If you accidentally pass by the chosen setting, turn the knob back and approach the setting again. This is because there will be some lost motion in the adjustment knob when its direction is reversed.
When you are satisfied that you have the right setting, tighten the setscrew near the adjustment knob
with the Allen wrench supplied.

Please note:
- The elements of adjusting the shot valve showing in Figure 2 are the same for all models.
- The dowels and setscrews must be inserted in proper sequence, if a plastic dowel is lost, No 7 shot pellets can be used to substitute.

• Do not add oil or grease to any other part of the Universal Charge Bar.
• Do not disassemble the Bar; disassembly will void warranty.


- DO NOT use the Shuttle Bar without a MEC powder bushing; to use it without a powder bushing will overcharge a shot shell with powder and, when fired, will most certainly cause injury or even death to the shooter and bystanders.
-Use the shot chart, which came with the Universal Charge Bar ONLY. DO NOT use old shot charts, which were issued for the old plastic Charge Bar (Model B201, manufactured before 1981, the method of calibration for these models are different entirely).
- Using the wrong shot chart could result in serious damage and/or injury.
- DO NOT use the Universal Charge Bar without a POWDER SCALE.
Common sense precautions are advised. Make sure you fully understand the instructions before beginning. If you do not clearly understand the instructions, DO NOT use the Bar. Avoid careless handling of flammables and explosives as this can result in serious injury or death.
We endorse checking charges with a reliable scale and adhering to loads recommended by powder manufacturers. We also advise the use of safety glasses. We disclaim all responsibility or liability for damage or injury resulting from reloading shot shell, etc..




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