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Shuttle Charge Bar Model

Powder Baffle

Powder Chart


Steel Shot Chart


Lead Shot Chart


Bismuth Shot Chart

Adjusting the Powder and Shot Valves


Checking Powder Charts

Reading the Powder and Shot Charts

Calculating additional Powder and Shot settings

Additional Essential Tools (not included)



Removing the Shot Valve inserts

General Cares



Picture and Line Drawing

Additional Notes




Powder Baffle used to install between Powder-bottle and Charge Bar



• Comes with a Brass Washer.
• Produces even powder density, and therefore consistent charges.
• Spring loaded for automatic powder seal.
• All metal precision die-cast zinc construction.


• Install between Powder-bottle and Charge Bar.
• Remove Rubber-Grommet from powder opening, just above the Bar and place our Brass
Washer, with the sharp edge facing down, on top of Bar. Put back the Rubber-Grommet on
top of Brass Washer.
• Screw Powder Baffle all the way in.
• Screw Powder bottle onto Powder Baffle.

Available at major sporting shops and gun dealers.


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