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Shuttle Charge Bar Model

Powder Baffle

Powder Chart


Steel Shot Chart


Lead Shot Chart


Bismuth Shot Chart

Adjusting the Powder and Shot Valves


Checking Powder Charts

Reading the Powder and Shot Charts

Calculating additional Powder and Shot settings

Additional Essential Tools (not included)



Removing the Shot Valve inserts

General Cares



Picture and Line Drawing

Additional Notes


Removing the Shot Valve inserts

These instructions apply to both Models "C/CS" and "D/DS".

The metal inserts are recommended for lead shot;
the plastic inserts are recommended for steel shot

  1. One good way to do this is to use a vice.
    Note: You may have to close the shot-cavity partially to get at the punch-out hole.
    (a) you want to properly support the bar
    (b) you want a wide enough space to allow the insert to be pushed out of the shot valve but, without driving the shot-valve downwards, too.
    Caution: Driving the shot-valve downwards will break the lock-ring that holds the shot-valve to the bar body.
  2. To remove a metal insert:
    insert a punch tool in the punch-out hole and punch out insert with hammer
    (a nail will also work but is not recommended)

  3. To remove a plastic insert:
    apply finger pressure



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