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Shuttle Charge Bar Model

Powder Baffle

Powder Chart


Steel Shot Chart


Lead Shot Chart


Bismuth Shot Chart

Adjusting the Powder and Shot Valves


Checking Powder Charts

Reading the Powder and Shot Charts

Calculating additional Powder and Shot settings

Additional Essential Tools (not included)



Removing the Shot Valve inserts

General Cares



Picture and Line Drawing

Additional Notes


Reading the Powder and Shot Charts

First, find the desired powder and weight on the chart and note the required bar scale and adjustment knob scale settings.

Every setting consists of two numbers, for example: for 48 grs. (grains) of 571 powder, the settings are 8 + 13. The first number, 8, stands for the scale setting on the bar body. The second number, 13, refers to the numbers on the scale of the adjustment knob.


The reading on the shot charge is handled in the same way

It is strongly advised to check all charges (powder & shot) with a reliable scale.
(see " How to check powder charges ".)



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