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Adjusting the Powder and Shot Valves


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Powder Chart


Use these powder charts only after you haved finished reading ALL of the instructions and fully understand how to properly use the Universal Charge Bar™




Check all settings with a reliable Powder Scale!! DO NOT USE WITHOUT!!

This Powder-Chart does not represent recommended weights of charge; it is intended as a guide only, to show the relationship of the volumetric capacity to the various settings.

This Powder-Chart may only be used with a Universal Charge Bar™, Model C, D, CS, DS,"C/CS" and "D/DS". To use it with any other Model could be dangerous. DO NOT use this chart with any other Model.


  • Charges listed on this Chart are an average of several charges
  • Charges may vary due to the moisture content of the powder, and/or operator's technique.
  • All charges on the powder-chart are either right on, or up to one half grain under-weight, in order to provide a safety margin
  • Due to the physical properties of the 800-X Powder extreme variation in charge-weight may be as much as one full grain
  • All settings included on this chart are in popular use
  • The AL-5 , AL-7 AND X-58 - powders are not included in this chart, because their manufacture has been discontinued.



{14 grs.} 2 + 0
{15 grs.} 2 + 20
{16 grs.} 3 + 0
{17 grs.} 3 + 20
{18 grs.} 4 + 0
{19 grs.} 4 + 18
{20 grs.} 4 + 35
{21 grs.} 5 + 13
{22 grs.} 5 + 32
{23 grs.} 6 + 11
{24 grs.} 6 + 30
{25 grs.} 7 + 10
{26 grs.} 7 + 30
{27 grs.} 8 + 8
{28 grs.} 8 + 26
{29 grs.} 9 + 6
{30 grs.} 9 + 27



ALWAYS use common sense
Regardless whether you are using charts,
your own calculations,
or those of someone else,
review ALL settings for logical consistency
B E F O R E loading and firing
a charge based on a given setting.

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