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Shuttle Charge Bar Model

Powder Baffle

Powder Chart


Steel Shot Chart


Lead Shot Chart


Bismuth Shot Chart

Adjusting the Powder and Shot Valves


Checking Powder Charts

Reading the Powder and Shot Charts

Calculating additional Powder and Shot settings

Additional Essential Tools (not included)



Removing the Shot Valve inserts

General Cares



Picture and Line Drawing

Additional Notes




Please read ALL the instructions carefully before beginning.


Do not disassemble your Universal Charge Bar™;
disassembly will void any warranty.

Except where noted, these instructions apply to both Models "C/CS" and "D/DS".

  1. Insert plastic dowel pins and set-screws into ends of Bar Body.

    The set screws and dowels must be inserted in proper sequence,
    as shown above.

    If a plastic dowel is lost, No 7 1/2 shot pellets can be used to substitute.

    The purpose of the set screw is to lock its corresponding adjustable knob in place. The set screw should not be over tightened. Likewise, the purpose of the plastic dowel is both to protect the mechanism and to aid in controling locking pressure.


  2. Select and insert Mushroom Shaped Insert
    1. decide whether your are using a plastic insert or a metal insert
      The metal inserts are recommended for lead shot;
      the plastic inserts are recommended for steel shot.
    2. start with hand pressure
      One side of the insert is flat; the other side of the insert has a cut out that is shaped like the insert itself. The flat side of the insert is its outer surface; the cut out side of the insert should not be seen when the insert is properly installed.
    3. Place the Universal Charge Bar on a flat and hard surface

      (steel is best) so that the insert will be touching that surface
      when it is flush with the surface of the bar.

      (The goal is to have the insert level with the flat top surface of the shot valve.)

      For the metal insert, if it still sticks out in a way that interferes with the movement of the bar, remove excess material with a file

      see Removing the Shot Valve mushroom shape inserts


  3. for Model "D/DS":
    1. Remove the standard charge bar and the original cam that came with your progressive MEC reloading machine
    2. bolt the cam-bracket that comes with the Model "D/DS" Universal Charge Bar onto the Bar as shown below:

    ( * Parts with an asterisk come only with Model "D/DS")

  4. make sure that the hole for the philister head screw is facing forward
  5. slide the Universal Charge Bar from the right hand side into your shotshell
    reloading machine
  6. Note:
    Use the Philister head screw that comes with the Universal Charge Bars. The smaller head diameter of our Philister head screw allows the bar to travel further.

  7. When the Bar is in position, turn the philister head screw all the way in
    and push the Bar all the way to the left.


    If your MEC shotshell reloader has a 'Pro-check',
    it may be difficult to tighten the Philister head screw.

    To use a longer Philister head screw (not available from us)
    may be helpful.

    The 'Pro-check' is more to help beginners prevent
    powder and shot spillage.

    Those who have familiarized themselves with their
    MEC machines might remove the 'Pro-check'
    (at their own risk

  8. for Model "D/DS":
    1. Install the roller-cam in place of the old cam
    2. hook it up with the pull-rod
    3. use the same fasteners that secured the old cam to machine.
      See Figure below

      A small adjustable wrench (preferably) or a pair of pliers is all that is needed.
    4. Mount spring retainer screw on left rear of Bar and connect it with original spring
    5. Make sure that the bar will travel the entire distance possible.
      If necessary, adjust nut at bottom of pull-rod
    6. For the 'Hook' to hold and release the Model "D/DS" in proper sequence, make certain that the shot drop-tube pushes the wad with the correct wad-pressure


(requires the BRASS WASHER)

The Brass washer serves as a Powder Seal only. It is meant to slide along the surface of the Universal Charge Bar in such a way that it passes over the powder valve opening and helps minimize powder leakage.

The following assumes that you have already installed the Universal Charge Bar in a MEC RELOADING MACHINE.

  1. Remove Rubber-grommet from Powder-opening
  2. place Brass washer on top of the Bar, with the sharp flat side touching the bar.
  3. Put back the Rubber-grommet.
  4. Screw Powder Baffle all the way in.
  5. Screw Powder bottle onto Powder Baffle.


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